ARGUING EQUALITY An Interactive Web Guide To Understanding
And Presenting The Case For Same-Sex Marriage
Understanding And Presenting The Case
For Same-Sex Marriage

As of today, gay marriage is illegal in 48 of 50 states. No matter how profound our love, no matter how long we have been together, and no matter how desperately we need the privileges and protections associated with marriage, we are denied entrance at the courthouse door.

This sends a message, not only to the gay and lesbian community but to our nation as a whole, that heterosexuality is more valued and valuable than homosexuality, that the heterosexual is more natural, normal, moral than the homosexual. It is unjust, and it is time for change.

We have a long journey ahead. Together we must convince average citizens – both logically and emotionally – that marriage is a basic human right, and it needs to be made available to all.

We can, and will, accomplish just that, and I hope this Web guide will help serve as a guide. Please enjoy it, contribute your thoughts, and pass it along. Through education, compassion, and reason, we will realize equality.